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To Kabul, without guns

Kids in Kabul

I’m thinking about my trip to Kabul everyday since I left, and now that I’m in Russia, it’s interesting to see mixed reactions when I tell people here that I went to Afghanistan. Given the previous military history between the

Up in Kabul Mountains

A boy walking to school in Kabul.

The first day you meet, you are friends. The next day you meet, you are brothers. (Afghan proverb). I’m sitting here at Kabul Airport, and trying to collect some thoughts. It’s about two hours before the departure of my flight

When God gives, He doesn’t ask whose son you are.

Kabul Streets

When God gives, He doesn’t ask whose son you are. (Afghan proverb) Since I arrived in Kabul Phil is introducing me to his friends as “Guennadi, a friend from Australia”. Yesterday, on the way to the city, the driver, an

Kabul Fried Chicken in Touristical Kabul

Chicken Street

Kabul Fried Chicken – Clean and Tasty! Today we went to Chicken Street, it’s kind of like Hay Street Mall in Perth or Arbat Street in Moscow – a pedestrian mall with lots of shops on both sides of the

Kites, kites and more kites


One of the beautiful parts of Afghanistan culture is kite flying. There are kites everywhere. Every day we go somewhere we see lots of kids flying kites, lots of kites in the sky. There are traditional competitions where kite flyers

Is it safe for kids?

Kids in Kabul

When man is perplexed, God is beneficent. (An Afghan proverb) I’ve had a few conversations here with people who moved to Afghanistan to work, and as it happens to be, most of them have little kids. I am trying to

Winning hearts and minds

Lady in Kabul

A mountain will not reach a mountain, a man will meet a man. (A Persian proverb). Since my arrival at Kabul airport (which is also used as a military airport and filming is not allowed), I’ve seen a few arrogant

Meeting Locals in Kabul

Kabul Locals

A cup of coffee commits one to 40 years of friendship. (A Turkish proverb). Traveling through different countries I like collecting local proverbs, saying and different folk tales. I like this one, because I can very much relate to it.

Getting to know Kabul

Streets of Kabul

Hello Kabul! Kabul is a place that I always wanted to visit. Growing up in Russia, we’ve always been scared of Afghanistan. My uncle was conscripted and sent there for a couple of years and he told us enough horror

Flying to Kabul

Boarding Kam Air Airline

There is nothing wrong with the plane. I flew to Dubai form Singapore and had to transfer from an Emirates flight to Kam Air. This also meant changing terminals. Which meant going through customs, picking up your bags and catching

Guennadi has left the room.


Welcome to my new blog. This is all about where I go and what I do. This time it’s Kabul, Afghanistan and Moscow and Tambov, Russia. Photos, videos and stories are to follow.

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