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I was born and grew up in Tambov. I visit this place each time I come here. It’s an orthodox chapel “of the new martyrs” at a local cemetery. It has amazing mosaics all over the front and the back

Tambov Zoo

Tambov Zoo

I am not normally an animal lover. I like animals, but I don’t normally have emotional attachment to them. Today, however, something changed. We went to the Zoo in Tambov. Seeing in what condition the animals were there, kind of bugged

Russian Thoughts


I am in Russia. I am on a father-and-daughter trip to Tambov, to spend two weeks with my father. I’ve started collecting materials for my book. There many things that happen in my family in the past. From being imprisoned for a

Singapore in the Air

Singapore. A view from my hotel room.

I’m back home (in Perth, Australia). Very tired. Very satisfied. A lot is on my mind to process. A lot of ideas, business ideas, a lot of opportunities to explore in Russia, Afghanistan, Dubai… Let’s see what comes out of



Today I had another day in Dubai. My flights from Moscow with Emirates didn’t quite connect with my transfer to Singapore/Perth, so I thought it would be a good idea to spend another day in the Emirates. I had no

Where is my cheap cup of coffee?

Domodedovo Airport

Domodedovo Airport (DME), Moscow, Russia. Just paid 219 Roubles for another extremely average cup of coffee. 219 Roubles is $11 AUD. They don’t even have a what we call “flat white”. If you want it white, you have to buy

The village of my forefathers

Lyciye Gory

Lysye Gory. Back in 1800-1900s my Grandparents  had the only brick house in the village. They were farmers and had horses. The church in the photo was probably the place an orthodox priest made a record of my mother’s birth

Russian brides for everyone!


Here are some more photos from Russia – from Moscow and Tambov. A few things still amaze me here, like the size of bilboards (ads), price of a cup of coffee ($7-$10), bereaucracy filled with indifference and other stuff like

What part of Russia are you from?

Tambov, Russia

I am in Russia. The Great Russian Federation. For those who like asking the “What part of Russia you are from?” – it’s Tambov. Here it is, on Google maps. View Larger Map Arriving here I switched into a “home”

To Kabul, without guns

Kids in Kabul

I’m thinking about my trip to Kabul everyday since I left, and now that I’m in Russia, it’s interesting to see mixed reactions when I tell people here that I went to Afghanistan. Given the previous military history between the

“Do-you-buy” – pronounced as Dubai


I’m in Dubai. Just for a day. To check it out. See what it’s like, maybe to find someone who lives here and find out what they think about this city. Dubai. Large. Sandy. 85% Indian. Un-natural. Hot. Windy. Very

Up in Kabul Mountains

A boy walking to school in Kabul.

The first day you meet, you are friends. The next day you meet, you are brothers. (Afghan proverb). I’m sitting here at Kabul Airport, and trying to collect some thoughts. It’s about two hours before the departure of my flight

When God gives, He doesn’t ask whose son you are.

Kabul Streets

When God gives, He doesn’t ask whose son you are. (Afghan proverb) Since I arrived in Kabul Phil is introducing me to his friends as “Guennadi, a friend from Australia”. Yesterday, on the way to the city, the driver, an

Kabul Fried Chicken in Touristical Kabul

Chicken Street

Kabul Fried Chicken – Clean and Tasty! Today we went to Chicken Street, it’s kind of like Hay Street Mall in Perth or Arbat Street in Moscow – a pedestrian mall with lots of shops on both sides of the

Kites, kites and more kites


One of the beautiful parts of Afghanistan culture is kite flying. There are kites everywhere. Every day we go somewhere we see lots of kids flying kites, lots of kites in the sky. There are traditional competitions where kite flyers

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