Singapore in the Air

I’m back home (in Perth, Australia). Very tired. Very satisfied. A lot is on my mind to process. A lot of ideas, business ideas, a lot of opportunities to explore in Russia, Afghanistan, Dubai… Let’s see what comes out of it all.

This post it to say how impressed I am with Singapore Airlines. This was the first time I flew with them (PER > SIN > DXB and back) and I have to say, that they are very good. My flight from Dubai to Singapore was 2 hours late. Singapore Airlines gave us a free dinner at Saffar Restaurant at the Airport. Because the flight was later, I missed my connection to Perth in Singapore. When I arrived there, there were people waiting for me with a seat booked on the next flight (6hr wait).

Singapore Airlines

They also gave me a room at a 5-star hotel in Singapore, 3 free meals and free taxi transfer to and from the airport. It’s nice to be looked after.

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One comment on “Singapore in the Air
  1. Tania McGhee says:

    Hi Guennadi,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your insights. Hope all are well,
    Tania McGhee

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