What part of Russia are you from?

I am in Russia. The Great Russian Federation. For those who like asking the “What part of Russia you are from?” – it’s Tambov. Here it is, on Google maps.

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Arriving here I switched into a “home” mode and don’t take as many photos as I normally do when I travel. But here are some, anyway.

When I arrive in Russia it takes me a couple of days to switch into a Russian-speaking mode, get used to people being rude and absorb the initial anti-western propaganda attacks (when friends and family try to bring me up to date with the world events). After that, it’s life as normal. Lots of potatoes, salted fish and photos of the smiling president… the usual.

Once again, it’s great to spend time with family and catch up with friends that I grew up with. There is no way to explain it in words. There is a deep sense of connection and understanding with people that I know from when I was a child.

Here are some photos from a couple of villages around Tambov where I went to see a friend.


Country living is very close to nature.

Tambov, Russia

A local shop. Closed.

Tambov, Russia

Fishing with a fishing rod with a float. It’s a must for every trip to Russia.

Tambov, Russia

Now. In Russia we call these birds pigeons and we can pigeons doves.

Tambov, Russia

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