Getting to know Kabul

Hello Kabul!

Kabul is a place that I always wanted to visit. Growing up in Russia, we’ve always been scared of Afghanistan. My uncle was conscripted and sent there for a couple of years and he told us enough horror stories to stay away from this place for the rest of my life. But anyway, I wanted to face the fear and just go. Having a friend working in community development obviously helped the cause and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

Kabul City

Stepping out of the Airport into a hot and dusty air for some reason reminded me of Saratov, Russia. I don’t know why, but when I was a kid, this is how I remembered Saratov. Except Saratov didn’t have any UN marked cars or mountains filled with mud houses..

Streets of Kabul … or billboards portraying a happy Afghan family enjoying a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Billboard in Kabul

That afternoon my friends took me for a walk around the area “near the French bakery.” There were lots and lots of kids. A few of them were flying a kite.

A boy with a kite in Kabul

Others were kicking a ball on the street and stopped to say hello to us.

Kabul Kids

Others we just staying outside of the gate, checking out what was happening on the street.

Kabul Kids

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3 comments on “Getting to know Kabul
  1. davidp says:

    How exciting !

    stay safe.



  2. Sam Murray says:

    haha Kam Air? Classic

    And GPS satellite tracking? That’s too Communist Conspiracy for me. I’m going to watch what you stick inside my lunchbox when I get back to Perth… Russians, and their tracking devices… Next you’ll be flurodating the water.

    Are you aware that dude’s carrying a machine gun? Or is that the GPS locater? I want one. Especially if it fires tracer bullets. HA! GET IT? That’s gold. You can have that one for free.


  3. Rebecca & Valeri says:

    Love the photos!
    Very interesting, keep posting.

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