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I am in Russia. I am on a father-and-daughter trip to Tambov, to spend two weeks with my father.

I’ve started collecting materials for my book. There many things that happen in my family in the past. From being imprisoned for a year for steeling a loaf of bread during famine to changing dramatically from being an abusive alcoholic to a loving father in one day, after accepting Jesus. I’d like my kids to know where they came from. But that’s later.

For now… Here are a few snapshots and thoughts from our trip this time.

Now, here is an idea. A major kids toy store (Детский мир) sells champagne for kids. Apparently it’s just grape juice. In normal food shopping centers they sell vodka for kids too. Alcohol free. This is not helping in a country where alcoholism is such a major social issue.


Trolleybus Number 6. Empty. Back in the days these trolleybuses were jam packed because there wasn’t enough of them on the road. Now, transport is commercialised and plenty.


Forest. Every Russian has a special connection with the forest. From collecting mushrooms to being a great hiding place during the war(s).

Tambov Tambov Tambov

A typical Russian Печка in an old village home. You can use it as a heater, cook top and a warm bed!


Stray dogs at the markets.

Tambov Tambov

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