Is it safe for kids?

When man is perplexed, God is beneficent. (An Afghan proverb)

I’ve had a few conversations here with people who moved to Afghanistan to work, and as it happens to be, most of them have little kids. I am trying to find out what drives people to come here and how they can justify bringing their children here. I’m sure a lot of people would think that this is very irresponsible. It’s bad enough to risk your own safety, not talking about that of the little children. And, me being me, I asked people this exact question. The answers that I got  from different families were pretty much the same and these conversations made me see it all in a different light.

These people don’t fool themselves or pretend that Kabul (or any other place in Afghanistan) is a safe place. And at the same time they don’t pretend to be superheros who can deal with any situation that may arise. They are careful and caution people. They are just ordinary people like you and me.

Kids in Kabul

Living in the west we tend to worry about every little thing, up to the very ridiculous point, such as… I don’t want to even start! People who live in developed countries are actually afraid of more things than people who live in places like Kabul. People who live here realize that there are things in life, including life itself, is out of our control and it is completely in the hands of God. Including the lives and safety of children. We have to let go of our fear. We have to let go of our controlling nature. We have to entrust our lives to God. This, and only this will make us free.

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