Flying to Kabul

There is nothing wrong with the plane.

I flew to Dubai form Singapore and had to transfer from an Emirates flight to Kam Air. This also meant changing terminals. Which meant going through customs, picking up your bags and catching a taxi around the run way to go from the Emirates terminal to the Terminal 2, servicing flights to countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and so on.

Kam Air Flight RQ 006

Flights to Kabul are still considered dangerous and are only services by Afghan airlines, such as Kam Air and Ariana (I think). This flight to Kabul was filled with nationals (maybe 50%?), and the rest were buffed up men and community worker families. I didn’t risk taking any photos of the queue, but couldn’t resist photographing this barefoot man, who seems to have spent the whole night in the waiting area, waiting for his flight.

Dubai Airport Terminal 2

Finally, we started boarding the plane. Got on the bus. A lot of people took their cameras out. But not for long. We were soon told the photos are not allowed.

Boarding Kam Air Airline

Got on the plane. A very old B373. It’s time to take off, but nothing was happening… for over an hour. I didn’t think anyone thought much of it, after all, it’s an unusual flight, from an unusual terminal so, I though, not a big deal. But then the pilot comes on and makes an announcement:

“Hi Everyone. Just to put your mind at ease, there is nothing wrong with the plane. The plane is good, there are no technical problems.”

Myself, personally, I thought it was quite funny. Apparently there were some VIP passengers who were very late and we were just waiting for them to board the aircraft. Made to Kabul alright. Not a bad flight.

I’m finally here. I arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan on the 10th September 2008 with a KamAir flight 006 from Dubai. It’s a 2.5 hr flight trough the mountains – I was waiting for this moment for quite some time. Kabul Airport is used for both civil and military purposes. There are quite a few military planes and helicopters. And here are two Russian Antonov An-76 jets.

Kabul Airport

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