The village of my forefathers

Lysye Gory. Back in 1800-1900s my Grandparents  had the only brick house in the village. They were farmers and had horses. The church in the photo was probably the place an orthodox priest made a record of my mother’s birth in 1930. When communists came to power, someone in the village didn’t like the fact that my grandparents’ family was quite well off (i.e, run a small farm) and they blackmailed my grandfather, which resulted in him being convicted to 11 years in Gulag gaol. Having become an “enemy of the state” my mother’s family ended up on the streets, moving from house to house living with people who were kind enough to let them board a room. They eventually moved to the city (Tambov) in 1941 – just when the Germans invaded Russia – and settled on the same property we are now. The government since sub-divided the property into 6 small blocks. Because of communists, they lost everything.

Believe it or not, this is the first time I visited my mother’s birth place, even though it’s only 15km away from Tambov. I’m pretty sure this is where the businessman in me comes from. My forefathers were proactive people, running a self-sustained farm in a village 100+ years ago.

Lyciye Gory
Lyciye Gory
Lyciye Gory
Lyciye Gory
Lyciye Gory
Lyciye Gory

These shots are from a movie set for “There once lived a woman,” a movie about the civil uprising in the 1920 which happened in this village.

Lyciye GoryLyciye GoryLyciye GoryLyciye Gory

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4 comments on “The village of my forefathers
  1. Terry says:

    Continue the good stuff Guen. You should move into photojournalism! Your writing is really moving. I liked the joke the other day – so true.
    bless you and looking forward to seeing you soon

  2. Valera says:

    Lovely stuff!

  3. RM says:

    Warms my heart. It has been an important journey. padje.

  4. nev says:

    Hi G, I’ve seen you looking ‘less’ melancholy. Hope everything is ok. What a great trip you must be having. Keep up the good work with the blogging. How is the beer over there? Loved the joke from the newspaper. Reckon it should have spread around the world by the time you get home 🙂


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