Russian brides for everyone!

Here are some more photos from Russia – from Moscow and Tambov. A few things still amaze me here, like the size of bilboards (ads), price of a cup of coffee ($7-$10), bereaucracy filled with indifference and other stuff like that. The other thing that people talk about is that there are not enough young, available men – due to numerous wars and the problem of alcohol. But Russia is a great place. Good to be here.

This little piece of paper under the windscreen says “Russian men are the best in the world!”


Read Square. Moscow.


State Historical Museum


Spasskaya Clock Tower


Some parts of the red square that you don’t normally see…


The size of billboards in Russia is mind-blowing.


And here is another one.


Hitler Kaput!



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One comment on “Russian brides for everyone!
  1. cmh says:

    I am very happy for you brother. I can’t imagine the intensity of the feelings you have by being back there in your hometown and country.
    I hope you continue to have an amazing time there, and that it is a great time of meeting up with family and friends.

    See you soon,


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