Kabul Fried Chicken in Touristical Kabul

Kabul Fried Chicken – Clean and Tasty!

Today we went to Chicken Street, it’s kind of like Hay Street Mall in Perth or Arbat Street in Moscow – a pedestrian mall with lots of shops on both sides of the street, with a lot of interesting things.

Chicken Street

By the way, here is “touristical” map of Kabul City.

Map of Kabul

There is a lot of soviet trophies, like samovars, Russian money, belt buckles, matreshkas, as well as more interesting things like rifles from the British times (early 1800s), pistols and other stuff like that. It’s a pity that you can’t take these out of the country – all of this would be priceless outside of Afghanistan. It will be sad to see it all go, as the western rubbish overwhelms the country – probably most of these shops on Chicken street will be gone in the next few years.

Chicken Street

I bought a very old jar from this place, which would later cost me a few $ “donation” to airport custom officers to get it on the plane.

Chicken Street

Guns, pistols, rifles and other war artifacts from hundreds of years ago.

Chicken Street

A boy shelling walnuts for a job.


Kabul. +35C heat. That local butcher there asked if we were Muslims. “God loves everyone” we said. He seemed to like the answer.

Chicken Street

And here is the famous “KFC – Kabul Fried Chicken.” Apparently their slogan is “Clean and Tasty!” Well, good to know.

Kabul Fried Chicken

On the way back to caught a taxi, which took us from A to B over a mountain (and not around the mountain as we used to go). It was quite a ride, but the scenery was worth it.


A house upon house. All the hillsides around Kabul are covered with these little huts. The boys are carrying water to their home, probably all the way from the bottom of the hill.


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