“Do-you-buy” – pronounced as Dubai

I’m in Dubai. Just for a day. To check it out. See what it’s like, maybe to find someone who lives here and find out what they think about this city.

Dubai. Large. Sandy. 85% Indian. Un-natural. Hot. Windy. Very hot. Even hotter. Againts all rules. Traffic jams in the middle of the day. Lots of Russians.

It’s Ramadan month, which means fasting from sunrise to sunset. Fasting means no food or drink. How do you cope if you go for a walk and it’s 40C? I saw a McDonalds on Sheikh Zayed Road and I thought “Bonza! Let’s get something to eat! I’m a traveller, travellers allowed to eat during Ramadan (I think!). So off I go, hoping it would be open, longing for a cold post-mix coke. Surely enough, the store is open. Surely enough, there are people there buying food. I ordered a large “Chicken Big Mac” meal, picked it up, went to a table, sat down, started eating. Nice! But here comes a security guy and says, “Excuse me sir, the food is take away only”. Now, that’s business! While the rest of the restaurants and cafes in the whole city are closed for Ramadan (they only open after the sunset each day), McDonalds people thought, “hey, we can still open the store and sell BigMacs. We’ll just tell people to go somewhere else to eat it. In the 40C heat. Or, maybe just keep it for dinner tonight. Or for tomorrow. We know that BigMacs don’t go off.”

I did a bit of sightseeing and visiting places today. Mostly commercial stuff. Actually, my impression is that the whole city is commercial. Huge. Massive. Growing from under the ground.

I was able to catch up with a friend of a friend, a businessman here in Dubai, for dinner. It was interesting to actually meet someone who works and lives here, and share with them some of my business ideas and plans.

Here are some photos. There is a bit of a sand storm here today, so a few shots look a bit misty.

Dubai Dubai Dubai Dubai Dubai Dubai Dubai Dubai

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